SKILL training center focuses on economic empowerment for urban refugee youth, women and host communities through skills training in Computer maintenance and repair classes, business training, mentorship, career guidance, and linkage to the available job opportunities in the urban areas. The center is dedicated to empowering graduates to start their enterprise using the learned skills upon completion of training and giving them a chance to get employed in various fields.
The center also offer language classes in order to improve on the communication abilities of the participants and during the language classes they introduced to professional application of language in order to increase their chances of getting employed through CV writing skills, interview preps and professional expression.


Training offered: 
The center focuses on equipping the youth with necessary competencies for an entry-level IT professional including installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and performing preventive maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems. And at the end of the training the youth are able to show competency in understanding of BIOS components and settings.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Training
  • Job spotting and linkage to professions
  • computer repair and maintenance

Technology should propel your business goals forward.
Connect with our team of International and Local IT support experts to learn more.

In order to create employment opportunities for the trainees at the center, we outsource our computer repair and maintenance services to various entities that employ our students conversant with the services provided and these services include;

  • IT infrastructure setup
  • Software installation and updates
  • Networking and cyber security systems
  • System and data management.
We also offer outsourcing services to partner NGOs, CBOs, universities, banks, and other business entities benefitting directly our trainees and sustaining our training.
Green computing is the use of computers and other computing devices and equipment in energy-efficient and eco-friendly ways with focus on reducing resource use and properly disposing of physical and electronic waste (E-waste).
 IFCA Go Green Computer Services is a strategy aimed at promoting ecofriendly use of technology to create more employment opportunities for the refugees and host communities and below are some of the objectives of this initiative;
  • To promote sustainable access to technology for the refugees and host communities
  • To reduce on the emission of E-Waste and energy consumption as result of computer usage.
  • To increase employment opportunities and income for the refugee and host communities through innovation
We are guided by the principles to Repair, Recycle and Refurbish, we buy large quantities of old lease equipment for refurbishment and repair and these include old and redundant IT equipment i.e. laptop, computer or server, or strip it down and recycle the component computer parts and then redistributed to the other end users. And this is done by the refugee and host community Youth who are trained as part of their IT training classes.
In order to increase access to technology, the recycled, refurbished and repaired computers are released out again under the theme “Rent to Own”, this involves renting the devices to users for specific period of time before permanently owning it. This is done in order to generate little payment for the students who do the repair and recycling work at the center. And also, to generate little funds to cover the shipment cost.
We Repair, Recycle and Refurbish computers for refugee’s host communities as way of increasing access to technology and reducing E-Waste disposal due to machine breakdown. And this promote the following;
Stopping waste: The average device has a 3-4 year lifespan before it’s disposed of, but refurbishing and recycle the product we reduce on the landfill through disposal.
 Stopping the destruction of core minerals: For every new computer made, core minerals need to be mined to make the machine’s components. These minerals already in short supply with some, such as cobalt, which is used for lithium batteries, only estimated to have a 40-year supply left.
 Reducing byproducts: Manufacturing technology causes byproducts to go into the air and water, so by repairing tech we’re reducing this.


Women At Risk Protection and Empowerment Program

Most single refugee mothers, girls, and women at risk are still left out in most community projects as they are considered the least. IFCA breaks these stereotypes through community sensitization, advocacy, and livelihood projects to boost their esteem and improve their community status.
Empowerment activities for women at risk IFCA offers:
  • Business training in planning and management
  • Leadership training and mentorship
  • Civic education about their rights and duties
  • Psycho-social support to victims of GBV
  • Legal assistance to the victims of torture

Child Development Center

The child development center is an intuitive aimed at protecting and introducing refugee children who have not joined formal centers of learning to preschool learning and intellectual development to improve their academic performance later in school and reduce the rate of school dropout. The center protects refugee children from the dangers of trafficking kidnappers, introduces them to the learning environment and language orientation, and helps them find opportunities for education to build a foundation for the future.

Concepts taught at the center:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  •  Language orientation
  •  Emotional intelligence
  • Psychical assessment
  •  Sharing and caring for another
  1. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (W.A.S.H)

IFCA W.A.S.H’s campaigns target the local communities where the refugees live. The campaigns aim to educate the community members on the dangers of poor waste disposal, open defecation, and the importance of protecting the community water sources and encouraging hygienic practices like hand washing campaigns; community voluntary cleanliness activities are organized every month.

Legal Aid Project

IFCA legal aid is a project aimed at easing access to justice, legal assistance, promotion, and protection of human rights to all urban refugees residing within Kampala, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. The project targets urban refugee women at risk, men, refugee youth, and vulnerable members of the local hosting communities who fail to access the legal institutions and the justice system due to language barriers, financial incapability, and fear

IFCA team of legal experts avail legal assistance to the refugees and answer their quires concerning the law of the host country and the legal procedures. The legal team helps refugees make informed decisions and assists them in legal referrals, resolving disputes among refugees, status determination, legal identity, and employment laws and procedures.

IFCA Employment Support Edmonton Alberta

Coming soon 

As part of our initiative to assist the immigrants to integrate within the Edmonton communities, IFCA provides employment support in the form of job training to the newcomers to aid the attempts to secure,to ensure families and individuals have the support needed to successfully begin a new chapter of their lives in Canada.and we do this through;

  • Learn about daily life in Canada
  • Asses your English language skills
  • Learn about government benefits and community resources 
  • Prepare for the Alberta job market
  • Resume build: training on how to draft a CV.
  • Interview preparation: prepping on how to make a good impression.
  • Professional advice regarding career choices
  • Recommendation to back newcomers‘ application
  • Job spotting: Connection to available job vacancies within Edmonton.
  • Build a sense of belonging in Canada 

IFCA Integration Support

IFCA provides orientation services in form of information sharing to help the newcomers succeed in the new community. We offer information regarding Edmonton social services, including health care, education, employment, recognition of overseas qualifications and experience, and general working conditions. We also guide the immigrants on crucial issues like Money management (living on a small budget), housing, and transportation. And for Matters beyond the scope of our provided services are referred to other service providers such as Catholic Social Services in Canada.

 IFCA Language Support

We offer translation and interpretation services to newcomers in various languages ranging from Arabic, Tigrigna, Amharic, and English for them to access services provided by the government and other organizations to support your settlement. Interpreters are professionals who speak your language and English fluently and present themselves at your appointment with you physically or virtually. Secondly, they convey the meaning of the words said by all the parties at a meeting intoanother language to help all parties understand each other. And lastly, our interpretation services are free of charge

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