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The world each day registers a displaced person inform of refugees or IDPs who end up being scattered across global and hit by different challenges of life in their course to find a new haven they can call home. They meet challenges ranging from unemployment to poor living conditions, language barriers, and all forms of violence regardless of gender and country of origin. It is becoming empty in your human dignity, feeling no present and no future in your life even though there will be a bright future.

Being a refugee is not only leaving a country. It is going much more than that. You leave everything you love and cherish and remain empty. You sleep and wake up alone as a stranger knowing you cannot go back. Helping such a person is not only a humanitarian call, but it’s a love language that everyone on earth should speak and understand and embrace if we are to change this world.

Our mission as IFCA is to transform the lives of these displaced persons through livelihood programs, skills training, legal aid, and economic empowerment as a step to starting over in the new host communities. Our target is refugee women at risk, children, and youth, who comprise the most significant percentage of displaced persons.


“An empowered woman is the key to future generations.“

Most of the refugees displaced across the world are children and mothers who, amidst crisis, either can’t fight or fend for themselves, so exile is the only way out. Upon arriving in the host countries, they also encounter other social problems ranging from limited access to social services, abuse in all its forms, and being women. Their voices are suppressed in the host society either by fear, social norms, or gender stereotypes.
Empowering the women through guidance, counseling, advocacy, and equipping them with hands-on skills ranging from IT to driving permits them to have a voice in the society and fend for themselves and their families, makes them self-reliant, and eases their access to jobs since skills taught are marketable.


A refugee is a person whose soul and everything they love has been taken out. A person who must smile while he cries inside. A person who must carry on and pretend that everything is ok while the situation is totally opposite. Being a refugee is not only leaving their country. It is more than that. It is becoming empty in your human dignity, feeling no present and no future in your life even though there will be a bright future.

Helping such a person is a universal call. It’s a love language of all humankind, not only a humanitarian call. This love language is that all of us should speak, understand, and embrace if we are to change our world.


Hope is the greatest possession every displaced person in the world needs to survive and start over in the new hosting communities. And this hope can be restored by own work of the displaced persons. This way, they can contribute to the world and their livelihood and welfare.

Being a refugee is only a short-term situation and a temporary period. After that, you will look for vocational training and work. The most important thing is that you will have a home away from the plastic collective housing (containers). Only then the bad beginning will become a better ending.

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